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What is Boutique School Photography?

Great question! It is a concept bringing a simple boutique, natural light photography to your child’s school portrait. For more information visit my blog post.

Why are your images in landscape and not Portrait? Can I get my child’s image on a portrait setting?

Landscape images are part of my brand. I know the “norm” is to have a portrait style, but a landscape image gives me a more creative opportunity - I do not offer images in the portrait setting.

Can I have siblings participate and have their portrait taken?

Yes! I would be happy to fit them into the school session. Please contact me at jenny@creativelyjenny.com to let me know that you would like a sibling portrait. We can then schedule time in the session.

Do I have to purchase a school package in advance?

NO! No purchase necessary until you see your child’s gallery. I believe you should see the product before your make any purchase.

How will I see my child’s gallery and how do I purchase?

After your child’s session, I will sort through images and pick out the best of the best for your viewing (A minimum of 3 - Sometimes a child is having a great day and I will have up to 5 images! BONUS!) I will then upload your images to a private gallery for your viewing only. There you will be able to purchase your package or digital files.

What is the difference between a family session and portrait session? Your pricing structure is so much different with each style of session.

Since there is so many differences in a family session compared to school boutique they are priced very differently. Family sessions we are spending more time shooting, editing and creating family memories. For school photography, it is priced for you to be affordable and according to time spent on your child’s images. Shooting time is minutes versus an hour, and the same is true for editing your child’s image. Family sessions, I get the opportunity to further my art at a different level.

Will you use my child’s image for marketing?

I will only use your child’s image with your written permission and a signed release. I understand how you may want to keep those images private, or allow me to show them off! It is up to you!

Do you have a la carte options?

Yes, I have a la carte options from individual prints to canvas options.