School Boutique Photography Timeline

Many of my families are so excited to learn when they will get their gallery of their child. Please follow through the timeline to understand how a session will work for you and your child. Included is what to expect the day of your session, and how I will communicate with you during the process.


When your child arrives to school, I will be setting up to begin portraits. You are more than welcome to come and find me if you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself.

During the photo process, I will assign your child an access code to your personal online gallery. A card with their name and code will be sent home for you to use when I forward your gallery link to your email address. I have access to this email address from your pre registration process. The document you will want to keep your eye out for will be on card stock in a bright color and look similar to this:


Please keep this card somewhere safe. If you have multiple children, you will receive more than one card.


Once I have completed your school’s session (including make up days), I will edit and create a personal gallery - about 2 week from your child’s session. You will receive a link in your email to access my print shop - ordering can be done on mobile phones, or your desktop computer.


Once galleries are released, you will have 5-7 days to place your order. After all orders are complete, I will print, then hand deliver your order to your school.

Remember! Each order you place, a portion of the proceeds will return to your school.