Three easy tips to prepare your child for their portrait session

Parents, do you every feel like the morning of school portraits is chaos? I know in our family we have had mornings where we wake up late, shove some breakfast into our faces and rush out of the door! Preparing my kiddos for portraits can be like pulling teeth! My nine year old hates it when I want to do his hair and my five year old is usually the one who wants final say on what to wear! You can see a bit of her fashion sense below!

As for the photo below! I was so stressed because my son never lets me comb his hair I wanted to do some portraits of him and he was being so crazy, wouldn’t stop moving and touching his HAIR!!! Once I let everything go and starting shooting. It all came together great!


Here are some tips on how to make your school portrait day go a bit smoother. Create a less stressful experience so they can enjoy getting their portraits taken!



Before you even talk about what to wear with your child, pull out a few options from their closet that you would be okay with them wearing. I found that if I go into the closet before my daughter comes up to her room, pick out a few things for her to choose, then she is less likely to fight me. Most days, I let her choose her outfit. But, on picture day, I like to just make sure she is in something that will photograph well.


I am saying this with the idea that you do as I say, not as I do! HA! I can be the queen of procrastination! But, I do know that if we lay out our clothes the night before, children are more prepared on what to expect for the day.


I find many parents want the perfect picture to hang on their walls. We all do! That memory that jogs the joy you felt in your child when they were small. It is totally understandable too that you are paying good hard earned money and want to make sure you are getting your worth!

With that said, I have learned that if I just let a child be, their personality will emerge and I end of getting a great portrait. I recommend reminding your child they are getting their portrait taken, and to just have fun!